FPIS Investigations is committed to providing advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are. FPIS is on the cutting edge in providing innovated solutions. Our support services hold a valid and current license in the jurisdictions in which we work.

FPIS Investigations is a trusted provider of investigative and security sourcing solutions. Our vision is to become the leader in delivering innovative investigative solutions on three success measures:


FPIS Investigations is committed to integrity, quality, and service in support of each client’s unique objectives. We are committed to our sole purpose to detect, prevent, and document areas of insurance fraud. Our values are connected to our vision, purpose, strategies and success measures.

The Special Investigative Unit (SIU) Investigations

  • Staged accidents

  • Vehicle thefts

  • Injury claims to suspect medical treatment

  • Recorded statements


Claims Investigations

  • Slip and falls

  • Workers comp

  • Activity checks

  • Locus investigation to analyzed the damage caused


Background Investigations

  • Employment for suitability or security clearance

  • Preliminary checks of candidates


The Special Investigative Unit of Insurance Claims

  • Staged accidents

  • Vehicle thefts

  • Injury claims to suspect medical treatment

  • In-person recorded statements

Surveillance Investigations

  • Workers Comp

  • Injury claims from various reported incidents


EEO Investigations

  • Investigate various types of discrimination claims in the areas of but not limited to; age, disability, harassment, sexual harassment, race/color, national origin, etc.